Timeshare Value: This is the Reality

I did a simple search for vacation timeshares on eBay. It’s not just that these properties, for which these poor suckers paid $100,000 or more, are listed for a dollar or three, but the sellers are so desperate to get rid of them, some are even willing to pay the closing costs (which, as you probably know, can be significant for “real estate”).

That’s right: these poor owners are willing to pay for buyers to take them off their hands. That, my friend, is called negative value: worth less than zero.

More below the graphic.

It Kept Going

There were hundreds of them. There probably are still hundreds: few want to buy one even for a dollar! So you’d pay $100,000+ …why? They’re good only to the giant hotel chains, who are cleaning up from people they con into buying one. Don’t buy a timeshare!

But if you really, really think they are valuable to you, pay a dollar for one on eBay to help someone, rather than a hundred thousand or more to the hotel chains.

Sadly, we didn’t know this and bought one. We don’t have it anymore: they took our money and still took it away from us. We are fighting the first part, and thank goodness for the second part!

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